If you have a collection of Third Positionist materials that you would like to donate to us, please send us an email so we can discuss the material you have, and the best way for us to receive it. This material will be kept in a secure location where it can be digitized and made available to the general public through our website, as well as physically preserved for historical records. 

We are interested in photos, videos, audio recordings, flyers, pamphlets, trifolds, art, magazines, newspapers, private correspondence, organizational records, uniforms, artifacts, sticker, promo cards, journals, FOIA’s and government documents. 

folktrove (at) proton . me


Want to help Folktrove? Add a link to your website or blog to Folktrove! This will increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by triggering search engine algorithms to increase the ranking of our website, ensuring that more people find it! Furthermore, it will allow those viewing your website or blog to stumble across our digital library!


The Folktrove website was designed with researchers in mind. In order to better serve users, Folktrove adds “tags” to each webpage to increase the search functionality. These tags include information about each item listed such as the name of the publication, authors, organizations, and more. While it is easy for us to list the basics of each item, we simply do not have time to read through every document we upload, which often list the names of dozens of individuals and organizations.

By writing down the names of every organization and individual you encounter in a document, you can help us improve the searchability of Folktrove’s website by emailing them to us when you are done!

folktrove (at) proton . me


For those looking to get more involved in contributing to our project, finding and scanning rare documents for us would be a major contribution. However, we are very picky about the quality of work that we produce, so you would need to be prepared

The first step is to send us an email (foltrove (at) proton . me) and make sure that the material you have fits the mission of our website. There is no point buying expensive scanning equipment or spending hours scanning material that doesn’t fit our  parameters. We may also already have digital copies of what you have and have just not managed to find the time to upload them to Folktrove. So contact us and let us know what you have to see if we would be interested. We are primarily looking for National Socialist, Fascist, and pro-White literature, newsletters, magazines, documents, photos, private letters, and other articles of that nature. 

The second step is to ensure you have the proper equipment to complete the task. Folktrove only uses images that are 600 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or above. This is the resoltuion quality at which we can produce professional documents. The internet is littered with scans and historical documents that are difficult or irritating to read. We want to provide the public with only documents that are easy and exciting to read. Luckily, most printers nowdays have scanners capable ot 600 DPI or above. If you are having difficulty figuring out if your scanner is capable of such scans, or how to set your scanner to scan at 600 DPI instead of a lower resolution setting, please let us know and we will help you figure it out!

When scanning, make sure to leave as much extra space around the document as possible. Do not crop the image before sending it to us or use the settings on your equipment that only scans the document. Having extra space around the scanned document makes it easier to crop properly.

Ensure that all documents you scan are saved as .jpg files. When finished with all the scans from one article, send them to us uncompressed in an email along the measurements of the document in inches. We need to know the dimensions of the document in order to properly corp them. We will then take those images and dimensions and crop and compile them into a searchable pdf and publish them on the website at our soonest opportunity. Please remember that we are very busy and may not be able to immediately edit and publish what you have sent us, but we will post it so long as the document fits our parameters.